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[pct-l] GPS to Palm Link

Howdy listers,
I was dreading my volunteer job of assisting with GPS mapping of the PCT
until an unknown lister (sorry I forgot your name) steered me in the
right direction.  I was dreading the job because I thought I'd manually
have to write down all 500 waypoints from my GPS, delete those 500
waypoints, and then enter 500 more waypoints, etc., etc.  It turns out I
can link my Garmin GPS III+ to my Palm IIIe and download the waypoints.
The free Palm program I was directed to is GPilotS and is available at
http://www.cru.fr/perso/cc/GPilotS/  Just page down a couple of times to
the download section.  The program is only about 50k +/- 10k.  The
website which sold the cable is at
http://www.blue-hills-innovations.com/blmstr.htm    The cable was
$25.00.  The company makes the cable and sends the cable along with the
bill (talk about trust).  I got everything installed today and after
playing with it a few minutes, I figured out how to use it.  I had 47
waypoints stored in my GPS and it took 5 seconds (per the program) to
download all of them into the Palm.  So I figure about a minute to
download all 500 waypoints each time I fill the GPS.  I shudder when I
think of how long it would take me write all 500 waypoints down.  Anyone
assisting with the GPS mapping of the PCT; beg, borrow, or steal a Palm
and pop for the cord.  Desert Divide, here I come (after the snow melts)
       Jeff Jones