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[pct-l] Re: Dehydrating sausage/hot dogs?

You definately want to leave the salami in a chunk with the skin on. I don't know about
life in the drop box, it won't spoil so long as it doesn't get too damp. It will drip
grease though as it starts to dry out. You could try shipping it inside a seperate
cardboard box inside your drop box. Then the cardboard would absorb any moisture. You
would have to wrap everything else up really well, or the whole box will reek of salami.
I do know that the better quality deli salamis (especially the kosher ones) travel
better than the grocery store kind.


Jim Serio wrote:

> > I've tried dehydrating sausage, the problem is the meat doesn't dry properly
> > because it's coated with fat and the fat goes rancid.
> Thanks Elizabeth. Last night after 12 hours in the dehydrator (one that only
> takes 5 hours for beef jerky) I threw out the sausage. There was way too
> much fat and it didn't taset that good anyway. No one mentioned if hot dogs
> are doable so I think I'll try the fat free chicken franks.
> > high-end deli or German deli. Dry salamis and pepperonis can also be carried for
> > quite a while in the pack. Wrap them in several layers of clean paper, then baggie
> Salami's definately on my list to bring. Would this last a 1-2 week trip in
> the drop box plus 1 week on trail? Maybe a roll of dry salami (instead of
> slices) is better as it has the skin on it still.
> BTW.. Thanks for those who posted beef recipies way back (thank goodness for
> Eudora's search feature, I can search back 4 years). My dehydrated cooked
> seasoned ground beef turned out great.
> Jim