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[pct-l] resupply questions

Hi Craig,
This info is from last summer:
> **Agua Dulce**
> Does this have a post office now, or is it still the market?
There is a post office.  It is physically located in the market.
> ** Kennedy Meadows **
> Has this changed recently?  Not to my knowledge.
> Is it still $2.50 per package?  It was $2.
> Kennedy Meadows General Store (via Postal Mail)
> PO Box 3A5
> Inyokern, CA 93527
> Kennedy Meadows General Store (via UPS)
> 1445 Kennedy Meadows Road
> Inyokern, CA 93527
> (no phone)  
The Store owner has a private phone and may allow you to make calls on a
phone card.

> **Echo Lake**
> Are they still accepting packages?  
Yes, they are a post office so they have to.
> Or are they friendly about it?  
They only do it because they have to; I'd say it's unfair to call them
unfriendly, but my experience last summer was neutral. Their post office
hours are very restrictive (as I recall the town guide had them
correctly), and they won't provide service off-hours.  They also require
picture id to pick up a general delivery package.
> I've heard they aren't friendly to PCT hikers.  (Neither are there inflated
> prices, but that is beside the point)

> **Pooh Corner**
> Is pooh corner still up and running, is there a website? 
Bill and Molly were up and running last year.
> Pooh Corner
> 11200 Donner Pass Road #196
> Truckee, CA 96161

> **Belden**
> I can't find the information on the Belden situation, anyone have any
> leads on this?  
Belden has a post office.  It's located across the bridge from the
saloon along the official PCT route, but down the road from the
trailhead to the alternate route that bypassed the damaged section of
the PCT.  The town guide shows the location correctly.  Dorothy, the
postmistress, is very hiker friendly and actually opened up on a sunday
when I was in town just because there were 2 hikers who needed packages
(I had planned to wait until Monday and it didn't even occur to me to
ask; she just heard there were hikers and put the word out that she'd

Don't know about the OR and WA locations.