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[pct-l] package service for thru hikers

If it were me offering a package service, I would pass on trying to get those 
on a limited budget to use my services and concentrate on the financially 
secure. There are plenty of thru hikers just scraping by and practically 
living out of hiker boxes or still tied to their parents purse strings. 
They're unlikely to use a package service unless Mom and/or Dad balks or 
tires of at traipsing down to the Post Office every few days for 6 whole 
months to mail a package. There are many hikers, too, who can afford to take 
6 months off from work or even retired young. Hell, I even met one couple who 
hired someone to follow them around in a motor home and they practically 
slack packed the entire PCT! (I'm NOT defending this behavior)Then there are 
the Canadians and other foreigners who could really benefit from such a 
service especially if it was expanded to purchasing food as well as mailing 
it. And lets face it, most stops in Northern California, Oregon and 
Washington (Ashland and Cascade Locks excluded) leave something to be desired 
in the way of selection for those purchasing their food along the way. And 
another warning to those prepackage everything. Variety is the spice of life. 
Better make sure you really really like those clif bars because you're quite 
likely to loath the taste of them after eating them for 30 days with another 
120 still to come in packsages