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[pct-l] nit picking know it alls

You know, I'm tired of being second guessed on every thing I advise or say 
and apparently battling some of you for the title of Mr Know It All. I don't 
need my credibility assailed on a daily basis.  The famous Canadian mountain 
guide Conrad Kain had four rules for being a guide. 1. Never show any fear. 
2. Pay special attention to the weakest member of the climbing party. 3. Tell 
little white lies, when the occassion warrants it. 4. Tell someone off when 
they have an attitude problem and threaten to ursurp your guiding advice. 
It's definitely time for rule number four. If you are a know it all who is 
forever bad mouthing those who have much experience in what they are talking 
about, then screw you. Sp-ecifically, kicking into semi soft snow is an 
excellent way to slow down before you pick up too much speed, especially when 
the ice ax is just dragging through the snow without catching. But what the 
hell do I know. I just helped out with a college mountaineering class and 
taught dozens and dozens of people to self arrest.