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[pct-l] Ice Axe Questions

Greg wrote:
I would much rather be gored by the axe than smash into rocks at 60 
miles per hour!  You make the choice.  Try not to make a dumb one.

That's a tough choice.  People certainly have been stabbed to death by their
own axes when they lost control of them in a fall, no doubt about it.  But
others have lost their lives because they dropped the axe and couldn't get
it back.  Either way, you're dead.

Though I imagine that the odds of accidentally dropping the axe down a slope
or over a cliff are quite a bit larger than the odds of falling, losing
control of the axe, and being stabbed by it.  The wrist leash doesn't help
just in a fall, but any time you're in a precarious situation and might let
the axe slip out of your grasp.

Since both decisions have death as a possible conclusion, you have to decide
which is the more *likely* scenario.  Hmmm, isn't that a pleasant thought?