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[pct-l] wonder and Alice and Alyce

I think we all have some sense of wonder to greatly varying degrees. But 
these two women I know have far more than their share and certainly far more 
than I. Alyce (who just turned fifty) and Alice ( who is approaching 70) are 
two extraordinarily lucky souls who apparently never lost their childhood 
wonder. It would be impossible for them to through hike the PCT because they 
would need to stop every 100 yards or so to explore the wonder around them. 
Every bush, bird, bug, color, person, and view is a cause for celebration to 
them. I have come to consider them my role models and teachers. I try to 
spend as much time around them as they will allow and hope to be like them 
when I grow up. And much to my delight, they are both going on a week long 
cross country ski trip to the North Cascades this February. I wouldn't miss 
it for all the tea in China!