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[pct-l] more mini bears

>Bighummel@aol.com said....
>Camping on Santa Cruz Island in 1999 our camp, after sundown, was over run
>with hundreds (no exaggeration here!) of field mice..... (edited)

This reminds me of camping at Joshua Tree a few years ago.  We had
all our food in a big red cooler with a *big* rock on top.  During the
night, something (I'm imagining something vaguely badger-like, though
I suppose it could be some emaciated climber-dude) made
off with 2 pork chops, several kinds of fresh chilis, and a pint of
half and half!  We had a great time imagining the chili cream sauce
the little critter was making for the chops.

-carl mears (0.629 pct 97)

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