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[pct-l] Bear Regulations from Sequoia / Kings Canyon NP

This is for the "For What It's Worth Category"

For anyone who's interested, I've posted the latest handout of Bear
regulations, etc. issued from the Sequoia / Kings Canyon NP. As usual, it's
not dated, but Bob Ballou at the PCTA says he received it on 11/8/00.

You can find it in the Forums section on the PCTA website under Trip
Planning : Animals : Bears 

Public Apologies to Amigo and Sunrise

Looks like my Sunday mornings hack at the PCT 2000 hiker list wasn't as
thorough as possible. Some people were missed and others were incorrect. I'd
be glad to send the whole caboodle off to anyone interested in revising it. 

Ron "Fallingwater" Moak
PCT 2000 - http://www.fallingwater.com/pct2000

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