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Re: [pct-l] storage during long hike

Sorry guys - it's trailwise.circumtech.com.  No www.  I missed that one.
Walk softly,

>From: John Ryan <jcryan@acupuncture.com>
>To: spiritbear2k@hotmail.com
>Subject: Re: [pct-l] storage during long hike
>Date: 27 Nov 2000 19:02:51 -0800
>Hi Ginny,
>Thank you for your response. I didn't have much stuff on my earlier hikes 
>so I either sold it or stored it at my mum's. Neither of those options are 
>available to me now so your advice is greatly appreciated. By the way, I 
>tried www.trailwise.circumtech.com and didn't go anywhere. Is that the 
>correct address?
>Thanks alot
>On Mon, 27 November 2000, "Ginny & Jim Owen" wrote:
> >
> > Hi John -
> > We faced the same problem about storing our stuff while doing the hikes. 
>  On
> > my first hike, I had little, so I stored it at my mother's.  After that, 
> > rented a storage unit (about $100 month) and prepaid it for seven 
> > Our stuff is still there.  As to the car - you don't just need someplace 
> > store it, but also someone to drive it occasionally (without putting on
> > excessive miles.)  If the car isn't driven, the seals will dry out - and
> > then you've got problems when you get back.  When we did the CDT, Jim 
> > our trucks with a couple of family members who drove the trucks about 
>once a
> > week to keep the batteries charged.  This last time, we loaned one of 
> > trucks to a friend who needed the wheels.  If you do that, check to make
> > sure your insurance will cover them - or ask them to put the vehicle on
> > their insurance. There are a lot of odd things that have to be 
> > when doing a hike that aren't all that obvious.  Insurance can actually 
>be a
> > harder problem - our insurance company wouldn't allow us to prepay - so 
> > had to find someone to go through our mail and pay the insurance bill 
> > it came in mid-June.  Inspection also can be a problem, if it is due 
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