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RE: [pct-l] more on bears

 >At 03:02 PM 11/27/00 , "Reynolds, WT" <reynolds@ilan.com> wrote:
 >That's the first I heard about this Rich. The current Yosemite websits
 >specifically says otherwise.

FWIW, a while back I heard that rangers in YNP decided to make bear cans 
"mandatory" without jumping through the hoops legally required for them to 
do so. They started issuing permits saying such, till someone pointed out 
that they had exceeded their authority, then they quietly stopped. This 
permit may have been issued during that period.

(This is hear say from a source I can't name because s/he wants to keep 
her/his job, but I'm pretty sure it is accurate.)

Rules don't stay the same. There was an "emergency order" issued in SE/KI 
after the guy near Kearsarge was bit in the butt by that bear, but it 
expired. (This is the one quoted on the sierrawilderness.com website)

"Emergency orders" can be issued without going through the normal review 
process but expire after a relatively short period of time. I don't know if 
it was renewed or not.

Unfortunately, I have found that many organizations neglect their  websites 
when things are updated (though they should be the first thing to show the 
change.) I wouldn't count on that particular information to as up to date 
as what you get at the trailhead.

What is on a year old wilderness permit is a worthwhile as a year old 
newspaper headline.


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