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RE: [pct-l] more on bears


I assume you are correct on what is stated on the back of you're permit. The
problem lies in the fact that for the PCT hiker, no such warning or
statement exists. The PCT Permit covers the entire trail and all Forest and
Parks along it. That permit does not carry the specific regulations for all
parks and forest. It shouldn't and can't.

As Dave pointed out, the NPS does not exclude hanging as a practice on their
website. In fact it is stated as an option on the Kings Canyon / Sequoia web

We would like to see the NPS make any regulations online. However, they
don't seem to want to publish them. The PCTA's website does not and will not
contain specific Forest or Park regulations. There are simply too many of
them changing too often to try to keep track. 

So in the meantime hikers will need to sort it out on an individual basis.
Illegal or not, we chose stealth camping. I'm not saying everyone should. 

My personal belief is that canisters are only a stop gap solution.
Eventually bears will figure them out also. It wasn't that many years ago
that storing food in cars was the preferred method.

Ron "Fallingwater" Moak
PCT 2000 - http://www.fallingwater.com/pct2000

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