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Re: [pct-l] PCT Land and U.N.

AND there are Black Helicopters with Russian Troops flying around the midwest . .
. . . . Get real we the US control the UN and if we do not, we do what we dam

Montedodge@aol.com wrote:

>  To say the U.N. and it's ties to our Parks is harmless is like saying  the
> WTO is harmless to our jobs. Not only does the U.N. have a large say in how
> we conduct our land , but also has a hand on all wild and scenic rivers in
> our country. A person needs to go to the U.N. main site and look up Agenda
> 21. We will slowly lose our grip and rights that go with being a nation to
> the U.N. and it's way of doing business. We can to longer just do as we
> please with our parks and water ways without first playing " Mother May I"
> with the U.N. Same goes for our declining military. The U.N. will protect us
> from now on. You may in the future be paying a U.N. Tax on top of your permit
> fees.  I would like to think we would have the right to use our parks as we
> please.
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