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Re: [pct-l] Big Lake, Oregon...

>90% of Oregon's PCT is viewless -

i would have to beg to differ on that statement. i hiked the PCT from waldo 
lake just south of south sister, up to the columbia river gorge at the 
oregon-washington border....... and i would have to say that there are many 
many incredible views from the oregon section of the pct, many more than 10%. 
 three sisters wilderness, jefferson wilderness,  and mt hood wilderness have 
ENDLESS views of every mountain in the area, ups and downs.  took the eagle 
creek offshoot instead of herman creek, but that *IS* basically now the trail 
as far as many thru hikers are concerned, isn't it?  probably the most scenic 
area in all of oregon.  the only spot that was slightly void of views, and 
water for that matter, was the warm springs reservation.  go 
the brief mt washington wilderness did not have the far ranging views, but 
the lava flows made up for that...........
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