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RE: [pct-l] Weekend

1-I don't believe bear canisters are "required" for backbackers entering the
Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Park from the South. Between Forrester Pass
and Woods Creek the only requirement is using the bear boxes. The
southernmost box is at the junction of the Center Basin Trail. The next is
Upper Vidette Meadow. When you finally get over Forrester and drop down to
the flat spot at about 11,200', you can't camp there without a canister.
However, the Center Basin Bear box is only 2-3 miles further. [note: Inyo NF
requires bear canisters for trips originating and ending in their
2-Sleeping with your food is dangerous and illegial anywhere in bear
3-The ursack has improved somewhat but is not approved by Sequoia-King
Canyon although this could probably be fought in court. Since it is really
no heavier than a stuff sack, I would carry one but use the bear boxs when
they were present and avoid camping at Thousand Island Lake and Lyell
Canyon. The URSACK will probably stop anything but a human habituated bear. 
4-A general rule for the Sierra has served me well. "If you don't see clouds
in the sky by 11AM it will NOT rain." If you see clouds it MAY rain.
Typically thunderstorms occur after 3PM. Just stay off the high passes when
the weather is obvious and you'll be OK.

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