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[pct-l] PCT and the UN: some facts to ease your mind

Monte Dodge wrote:
>>A little known fact is that most of the National Parks and Wild and Scenic 
Rivers in this country are under control of the U.N.'s Eco-Shere program . If 
you read the fine print in many of the National Parks ( Such as the Olympics) 
you will see what I mean. Most of America's public do not know this and are 
shocked or fail to believe this. Soon the PCT may need to check in with the 
U. N. to approve a piece of trail work that is located in one of these areas. 
I finally saw a sign up at the Staircase trailhead that read" Olympic 
National Park, under supervision of the Department of Interior which is under 
supervision of the U.N. Eco-spere program. It seems a few of my post of late 
may be a little too political to be posted and may end up on the cutting room 
floor. The U.N. may be a major player in future PCT management.<<

To clear up an possible misconceptions over UN involvement on the PCT, I did some quick research on the internet. PLEASE, before even thinking about posting any anti-UN comments I suggest you read some of the info I found.  I don't want to start a debate over the UN, but am just giving you some links so we can learn a little about this.  Along the PCT the Kings Canyon - Sequoia National Parks are designated as Biosphere Reserves, which is what I assume Monte refers to in his note, above.  IMHO, designation as a biosphere reserve is a good thing and encourages preservation of these important areas.  It does not turn over any control to the UN of the national parks or the PCT, as Monte implied.

Here is what I found:
This site lists U.S. National Parks that are listed as "biosphere reserves".  Along the PCT the parts are:  Kings Canyon, Sequoia.  Olympic NP is also included, as Monte mentioned in his message.  ""Biosphere Reserve" is an international designation made by the Man and the Biosphere Program (MAB). MAB and its 110 participant countries belong to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) which designated the first biosphere reserves in 1976. "

More information about the Man and the Biosphere Program and International Biosphere Reserve Designations by the NPS.

This article clears up any rumors or misconceptions that the US turned over sovereignty or control of our lands to the United Nations.  "Such sites designated in the United States do not undergo any change in legal status-existing private property rights remain intact, local land use and zoning rules continue, state laws and regulations persist, and federal laws and rules still pertain."

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