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[pct-l] PCT and the U.N.

 A little known fact is that most of the National Parks and Wild and Scenic 
Rivers in this country are under control of the U.N.'s Eco-Shere program . If 
you read the fine print in many of the National Parks ( Such as the Olympics) 
you will see what I mean. Most of America's public do not know this and are 
shocked or fail to believe this. Soon the PCT may need to check in with the 
U. N. to approve a piece of trail work that is located in one of these areas. 
I finally saw a sign up at the Staircase trailhead that read" Olympic 
National Park, under supervision of the Department of Interior which is under 
supervision of the U.N. Eco-spere program. It seems a few of my post of late 
may be a little too political to be posted and may end up on the cutting room 
floor. The U.N. may be a major player in future PCT management.
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