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[pct-l] ~~Photos of Mount Hood needed!!! ThanX Hikers!!~~

PCT hikers,

I really could use your help.  I am trying to build a website with
interesting outdoor stuff on it.  I am looking for photos of through
hikers in and around Mount Hood.  Once I have a few I will begin posting
them on:


That is hiking on Mount Hood, camping on Mount Hood or any other cool
shots you may have and wish to share of Mount Hood.  With each photo
please share as much of the when where and who as possible.  Please tell
me who took it and tell me if you would like your name, email or
website  given as a credit. Send your scanned shots directly by email.
If you would like me to scan them let me know and we will work something
out so you will get your photos back safe and in one piece.

You may also wish visit and  to criticize my outdoor check list at the
same site.  Remember,  I never take all that stuff but use the list only
to remember what I need.  I would also welcome getting a copy of your
check list if you have one.  With your permission we might post that
too!!    To visit Mikel's Outdoor Check List go to:


ThanX again for your help.  Happy Trails to all of you!



~Mikel G. Edwards~

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