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[pct-l] Forest Service

 Having a father-law-law in the F.S. for over 40 years, he can say and 
believes the F.S. of the next decade is in the business of not only locking 
out the graziers, but the loggers and the miners. But wait, that's not 
all!!!! If you think everyone else gets kicked out but us harmless 
backpackers, you dreamin!! Hunter's will get the boot too. Quota's are now on 
the burner for the Grifford Pinchot Forest as are new fees. You could see a 
total lock out in your life time. No one ever would think guns would ever be 
take away from American citizens, but a few more Democratics on the the 
Supreme court, this is very real. I thought it may be a little fishy having 
Bush's brother as Governor in Florida, but it is a straight out farse when 
you send a decision to the Florida Supreme Court where are the justices are 
all Democrats!! Is that justice?? Talk about having a home town ref!!!  I 
would love to have a Republic Pres., House and Senate. At least I will be 
able to walk on my public lands, keep my firearms and slow down abortion.You 
may think that the Republicans plan to cut every last tree and strip mine all 
forest land for the last dime. In fact many trees that are diseased now can 
not be cut and are full on blister beattles and other bugs.  Some old growth 
should be cut in these instances. Most people on this list uses wood in some 
way or another. We need logging and good forest service practices, not just a 
big gate and key. Yes, I know Jerry " the Jarhead" and others will whine like 
a gutshot werewolf for my views, but to think that Democrats and the total 
enviromental movement  have it together is playing blind man's bluff. We all 
use gasoline and wood products and are as guilty as George Bush himself 
whether you voted for him or not. This is very PCT related as I feel the next 
person in office could change the way we use our public lands!!! We are just 
a small % of the users in a National Forest, when the others are kicked out, 
we will be next thanks to the Clinton administration. I live 60 miles from 
the PCT  and am surrounded by National Forest. These new laws effect my live 
directly!!!  I am not a Environmentalist who lives in an apartment in San 
Franciso above a coffee shop who's closest wildlife  is a bug in the green 
tea I am drinking . Dreadlocks cause braindamage. Happy Thankgiving, Love 
George Bush       ( West Palm Beach, where we put the " DUH " in Florida. 
Also if you like the way we vote , you'll love the way we drive!! If you 
don't like it here in Florida, go visited one of the other 56 states)
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