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[pct-l] regulations...


I've been itching to say something about the discussion you have been 
having on US government. But I haven't as it seems dangerous to get 
in between two or more people enjoying their ranting and raving. My 
experience as a European in hiking in the US has been:
- that there are incredibly beautiful trails that are actually maintained
- that people have a notion that there is such a thing as 'leave no 
trace' tactics
- that the idea of regulating the use of the land makes hiking more enjoyable
- that regulations guarantee campsites that give you an idea of 
loneliness and wilderness

Paying for a wilderness permit has been annoying, but not as much as 
having to deal with overcrowded campsites, snack papers and toilet 
paper everywhere, trails that are rutted to ten feet wide 'highways', 
nobody knowing that there actually IS a trail (no park rangers over 
here...). All this coming from the other side of the Atlantic, 
Europe. Of course I live in about the most crowded place in the world 
with the least mountainous area: the Netherlands. This might colour 
my idea of the benefits of government intervention.

Just my two cents, don't bite the head of the innocent low-lander here!
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