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RE: [pct-l] Re: Recent Quasi-Political Stuff

On Wed, 22 Nov 2000 19:01:45 -0800, Reynolds, WT wrote:

|  I think that this list, and thruhikers in general, and |  probably
backpackers as a group, are generally |  anti-government. Certainly we
consider it our
|  right to ignore government backcountry regulations when
|  we choose.

I don't agree. Backpackers are certainly against stupid regulations whether
they come from the park service or some jerk that won't let them use the
bathroom at a convenience store, but I think most are pro-government.
Especially when it comes to environmental regulation and the fact that where
they go backpacking is on public land. Not many backpackers (except perhaps
some on this list) would support the proposition to either hand over public
lands to private corporations to manage or worse yet, sell them off
outright. When's the last time you did an overnighter on timber company
land? Land management agencies are charged with the monumental task of
taking legislation, court decisions and competing users with views from
accross the spectrum to make management decisions. It's easy to say that
you're against the government, but what are you for? [<---serious question]
I don't see a real alternative to federal management of public lands.

|  Further, while I agree that Monte wants to castrate all
|  ranchers, crucify all packers, garrot all government officials |  and
behead all democrats, why do you see this as a bad thing? |  Are another one
of those commie pinkos?
|  [<-Joke Mark]

Hey, I resemble some of that remark! I think most backpackers, or maybe I
should narrow that to thru-hikers , are commies (little "c"). At least while
they're out on the trail.


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