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Question Answered - Re: Humor - [pct-l] canadian border crossing

"Violent rape" would involve a physical injury external to the sexual
organs (e.g. victim's upper lip is bitten, victim's arm was broken in
three places, victim's jaw was broken, etc etc etc). Areas outside of
the body's sexual organs have not been injured.

"Non-violent rape" would imply a physical injury limited to the sex
organs (e.g. bruising associated with sexual intercourse).

Of course, not being a medical professional or a member of the law
enforcement community, my use of medical & legal terminology may be
somewhat off target.

On the positive side, we probably define and use the term "is" in a
manner that did not require more explicit definition until recently.

BTW, are you the real "Hiker Bob"? Your name is now "Jerry" vice "Bob"
and your email address has changed (grin). Could be worse though ...
you might live in the Upper Midwest, suffer through US West
telecommunications services, and be a fan of Greenbay.

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