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Re: Humor - [pct-l] canadian border crossing

Hiker Bob,

I hope the below helps you in your quest to assist "Dubya"

This Dubya character could ask a dude named "Billy" for tips.

This "Billy" character was able to successfully violently rape women
both here in the USA and in Europe. Later this "Billy" character was
able to travel freely throughout the world with little or no

While in Europe, "Billy" was attending Oxford on a Rhodes Scholarship.
"Billy" did not complete his Rhodes scholarship because he violently
raped a young British female also attending Oxford.

The British government asked "Billy" to leave the country. "Billy" was
thus unable to finish his course of study at Oxford. On a side note,
to this day "Billy" only claims to have attended Oxford. To this day
"Billy" does not claim to have graduated from Oxford.

"Dubya" might ask "Billy" how "Billy" is able to visit England years
later even though the British government knows "Billy" has violently
raped at least one British national.

More recently, "Billy" was able to violently rape a female nurse while
"Billy" was a member of the executive branch of some sort of state
government somewhere in the USA. Although "Billy" was successful in
his violent rape, he may have ended up being exposed as a rapist
during his later being sued for sexual harassment by yet another
woman. In fact, one of the major networks did a "Sixty-Minutes or
Dateline or 20/20" style interview with the victim of the rape.
Several major newspapers (WSJ, NYT, etc) also wrote long stories about
the rape.

My apologies for not mentioning the names of the women ... when sex
crimes are involved (e.g. rape), criminal investigators use names like
"Jane Doe." In the case of "Billy," the authorities were up to "Jane
Doe #6" (i think)

Of course the crimes involved are different: drunk driving - vs -

Your description of  "Dubya" implies a victimless crime ... drunk
driving ... no one was hurt or died. This "Billy" character has on the
other hand committed crimes with victims (typically women who have
been sexually harassed, assaulted, and/or raped ... the MO seems to
repeat itself ... serial sex offender ... calling rape or assault or
harassment "sex" seems to dilute the criminal aspects of it though).

I think "Billy" has been able to successfully travel to Canada and
other foreign countries without incident. Again, since "Billy" has
committed far worse crimes then "Dubya" should have no problem in

If I am incorrect regarding "Dubya's" involvement in a victimless
crime ... drunk driving ... and someone did in fact die (perhaps by
drowning) then perhaps "Dubya" should talk to a dude in Massachusetts
named "Teddy." You see, this "Teddy" dude was guilty of drunk driving,
drove off a bridge while drunk, and his passenger (another young
woman) ended up drowning to death.

I think "Teddy" has also been able to successfully travel to Canada
and other foreign countries without incident. Again, since "Teddy" has
also committed a far worse crime then "Dubya" should have no problem
in comparison.

BTW, perhaps "Dubya" could contact a lawyer named "Ralph".
Unfortunately this "Ralph" guy is associated with a group that doesn't
believe victimless crimes are crimes. "Ralph" might then tell "Dubya"
to ignore the Canadian law because "Dubya" was guilty of a victimless
crime. "Ralph" might then be available to assist "Billy" with whatever
criminal charges related to sexual assault and perjury that might be
awaiting him after the new year.

I hope this helps you out.

======== Hike Bob wrote the below things ======================
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2000 23:19:56 -0800 (PST)