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Re: [pct-l] Re: Defiant rancher once more loses grazing case, maynow go to jail

I've got to disagree with the "self evidently endowed by God" part of that.
Anywhere, any time people lived in communities of 2 or more - right back to
caves, negotiation and/or brute power determined rights. And considering the
vast sweep of human history and religious practice - I also have to ask which


"Reynolds, WT" wrote:

> Yep I agree...sadly. Rights used to be selfevidently endowed by God but not
> anymore. Now they are a product of human negotiation and, as such, subject
> to modification. My point is Stop arguing about your rights and take the
> wilderness. My weapon? Money!
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> You guys seem to talk about "Rights" as if they were somehow indelible. The
> only "Rights" we really have are the ones we take and continue to enforce.
> We live in a quasi Democracy where our "Rights" in any given area, floats up
> and down on the prevailing political winds. What you can do today you can't
> tomorrow and visa versa.
> Our "Rights" are gained either through direct political action (ie
> legislation) or often these days through the courts. We find something we
> find is wrong then disobey the prevailing law. It is then up to the legal
> system to what "Rights" we do or don't have.
> In this case the defiant rancher may simply be asserting his believed
> "Right" and letting the legal system sort it out. If he fails, he'll pay the
> consequences.
> At the same time, just because the government passes a law or creates a
> regulation, it doesn't automatically make the law or regulation valid. If it
> did, we'd have little need for the justice system. In the case of the "Trail
> Permit" program, so far the courts seem to be tossing out any cases that
> actually make it before them. Stating that since it is a Test Case program,
> it is not technically enforceable.
> Now if you get a ticket and choose to pay it as opposed to taking it to
> court, then you are in fact giving up you're "Rights".
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