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RE: [pct-l] Re: Defiant rancher once more loses grazing case, may now go to jail


A difference between parks and profit? Is there? For a hundred years it was
open range in America. Citizens could do whatever they wanted on public
lands. Remember the cattle versus sheep wars of about 100 years ago?

Parks versus Profit a value judgement -- a judgement that recreation and
parks are a worthy use for public land while profit is not a worth use. I
agree and I am sure most of this list does also. That rancher does not. Why
should you, or I get to make that value judgement instead of him? The
rancher says everybody free. It is not apples and oranges to him.

OK, now enter the couch potato. His value judgment is that everybody pays.
Parks, recreation, profit, whatever --- everybody pays. Them that don't use
don't pay. Simple. Its not apples and oranges to him. That is his value
judgement and he is in the majority.

Virtually all the grazing, packer, mountain bike, ORV, hiker issues are
value judgements. Each proponent sees his apple as more important that the
other guys orange while the vast majority of Americans don't care.

As a thruhiker I want to walk on 2700 miles of land that is not mine. The
land is immensely valuable I want it to stay relatively undeveloped but
accessable to me. If I take the attitude that this wonderfull experience is
a privilige and not a right I will walk a lot farther.


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