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RE: [pct-l] PCT Fees-More

One obvious question one could ask based on my previous post is: "What about
projects than can't be accomplished by 'few dedicated people willing to
spend their time and money on the goal' ". My view is that, in general,
projects of this nature either never happen or only happen at great expense
and great waste.

Take, for example, the many trail angels on the PCT. Now imagine if the
government decided to take over this task, establishing and funding "Trail
Angel Services" equilivent to what is available today as a result of
individuals efforts. 

My experience with just the southernmost 140 miles of the trail [Campo to
Kamp Anza] is that the government bureauracy required to provide everything
from trailhead transportation thru ADZPCTKO to the hostel at Kamp Anza would
overwhelm the entire USFS staff in that area. The budget would be millions,
the insurance astronomical...and the eggs not near as good as Bob's. Now
multiple that by the entire 2700 miles, the hundreds of trail angels, and
the many varied services that they provide. Just imagine the


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