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[pct-l] PCT Fees

 I totally agree with Strider. Toms puts out more than his share toward the 
betterment of the Pacific Crest Trail! I would advice people to join the PCTA 
or just flat donate money to your local Forest District with an earmark for 
your donated funds .( Like a certain trailhead or shelter) I think donations 
would be a great way the help our trails, if all the money goes 100% to that 
cause. Many people on this list have donated more time and money than I have 
by leaps and bounds. A donation box at a trailhead would be gladly accepted 
over the strong arm Nazi tactics that the Park service and Forest Service 
uses now. I myself would feel good about dropping 5.00 in a donation box 
verses paying a user fee of 5.00 under the threat of a big fine from a pushy 
park person. Most people love to donate to a cause and I am no exception. 
Just be sure the funds go 100% without everyone getting a cut. Thanks again 
for people like Tom, who work hard with their time and money to make the PCT 
what it is! If the Forest Service was 1/4th as good as Tom, we would the best 
trails and trailheads with money to spare.
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