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Re: [pct-l] Defiant rancher once more loses grazing case, may now go to jail

It wasn't specified where this rancher was doing his thing with his cows. If 
it was on multiple use land that's one thing - dirt bikers and cow dung kinda 
go together anyway. If it was in a designated wilderness or proposed 
wilderness that's quite another. I need more info before I can pass judgment 
on him. 
    I've hiked and climbed quite a bit in Canada. If the PCT ran through 
British Columbia, passage on it would probably involve lots of red tape (the 
same red tape that causes many thru hikers, including me, to sneak past the 
warden station and jump on the greyhound without checking in- read the last 
page of Cindy Ross's book) and stealth camping would surely be banned -- 
designated campsites only. When the PCT entered Alberta, you would be 
completely ignored, to the point of feeling slighted. 
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