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[pct-l] PCT fees

We are all good Americans and love to donate to our cause!! Too bad the funds 
don't anyways  end up where we think there going!!! The trickle down effect 
of forest service fees is worse than the United Way! ( which is another joke 
as only 13 cents per dollar gets to your neighbors staving kid) Parks and 
forest are all of ours as they are public.  Soon, the fees will oust most 
families with their high cost, which never gets back to the forest or park 
anyway other than a token amount. Our Parks are fast becoming only for the 
privileged few who can spare the bucks to enter. We ALL own these lands and 
have the right to use them as tax paying citizens.  User Taxes( or Fees as 
some call them) do not belong on public lands. My taxes pay for many things I 
never use, but do they return MY tax???? ( No way!) People who use and don't 
use the PCT or other public land help pay for it. No user taxes should apply. 
If there's a way to suck a buck out of someone, you can bet the government 
will be there with it's hand out. ( We have a Guy here in Washington who 
keeps coming up with these great initiatives to lower taxes and they always 
go though, like I-695. Almost all Dems in office are against them but the 
Republicans are for them. ) I-695 passed which knocked car tabs to 30.00 plus 
knocked down a few taxes. The Democrats took it to court and had it stuck 
down. Almost all our new fees and taxes in this state are the cause of our 
tax and spend Democrats. Many of these people think they are doing good deeds 
by paying with a happy grin each new fee that comes there way. They are blind 
to the fact that they have just been fleeced out of their money with most of 
it going to a big general fund. AS LONG AS WE KEEP PAYING THEM, THEY'll KEEP 
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