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[pct-l] Re: manipulating the simmer ring on the Cat Stove

<< Roy, I loved your Cat Stove idea. I made one in just a few minutes & can't 
wait to use it. Just a quick question about the simmer ring: how do you move 
it up & down over the stove (the air holes) without burning your fingers or 
tipping everything over, etc.? >>

I've only built one simmer ring and that was for test purposes.  I don't have 
any need for one with the kind of cooking I do.  However, try this and let 
users know how it works....

When you cut out the simmer ring, leave four small (1/4 inch or so) tabs on 
the top and bottom edges, on opposite sides of the finished ring.  These are 
bent out so you can push the ring up or down on the stove jacket using the 
ends of two spoons, match sticks or whatever is handy.   

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