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[pct-l] Politics Breeds Humor


 A local retiree has taken his cue from some of his neighbors and is filing 
suit against the Florida Lottery for "confusing" him out of winning last 
Saturday's Lotto jackpot.
 Abraham Zlotnik, 78, told reporters that he had meant to play the numbers 43 
36 20 9 17 22, which was the winning Lotto number, but that because he was 
rushed by the convenience store clerk and had forgotten his spectacles, he 
inadvertantly played 43 36 21 8 17 23.  He won $145.35 for his three winning 
numbers, but not the $12.5 million he would have otherwise been eligible for.
 "The Florida Lottery is biased against the elderly," said Zlotnik.  "I 
shouldn't be held responsible for picking the wrong numbers when I knew in my 
heart what the winning numbers were.  Someone's going to pay for this."
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