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[pct-l] Cougars in Town.

 Yes, Yes, and Yes as many have pointed out, houses in Washington suburbs are 
being built closer to cougar habitat. BUT, cougars are also losing their fear 
of man and are found in places where homes and town have been for 50 years. 
After the hound hunting was stopped, game department has said numbers of 
cougars and their sightings have jumped 300 to 400%. I posted the web site 
and phone number for folks to check out. Washington has always had some of 
the largest number of cougars and bears in the lower forty eight. Once wild 
animals figure out there's an easy meal, whether it's snowflake the 
neighbor's cat here in Washington or Monte's fig bars in Vedette meadows, 
they will be there for a quick meal. You would expect a few dogs and cats to 
be thinned out in a North Bend suburb, but many cougars are showing up in old 
parts of Seattle near wooded parks. There is an increase in the cougar 
population thanks to the vote to end the hunting with dogs. I guess a few 
half eaten pets and children must be worth it. Go Cougars!!!!!!
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