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Re: [pct-l] olive Oil

Jim Mayer writes:

<<  I carried olive oil on a 12 day hike this summer in PA, though I
 certainly didn't go through 16 oz in a week.  It's good stuff... I used a
 narrow mouthed Nalgene bottle. >>

A lighter-weight container for olive oil is a disposable water bottle such as 
Crystal Geyser, etc.  Totally leakproof, handles elevation changes, cheap.  
80+ days on the trail last year with NO spills or mess.  

Olive oil has to be one of the most concentrated way to pack calories on the 
trail but it sure likes to coat everything inside your pack if it gets loose. 
 The water bottles, either 250 or 500 ml, work great.  Just make sure you get 
the ones with a screw-on cap, not those "convenient" pull-tops.   
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