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[pct-l] bear stories part 2

I just remembered another good bear story. We were hiking off trail again in 
the Olympics and had seen at least 20 bears, all uneventful encounters. We 
started hiking across an open steep slope and noticed a bear grazing about 
200 yards downhill. I was third in line . Suddenly, the bear stood erect and 
stared at us for several seconds. Then it raced up hill at an unimaginable 
speed towards us. It got within 10 to 20 feet from the first two people in 
line, reared up again, sniffed the air, and then ran back downhill. 
Apparently, with it's poor eyesight, it thought we were another bear 
challenging it's territory. I later asked the two guys what they were 
thinking as the bear raced towards them. It went something like this: "What 
are we gonna do?" I don't know, what do you think we should do." And that 
quickly the bear was there.
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