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[pct-l] Forester Service

 I can agree with Moak somewhat about the Forester Service having fewer 
dollars now than in the old days when they were cutting old growth as fast as 
they could haul it. I still disagree with the fact that the Park Service 
budgets are thrashed to bare bones when our surpluses are so high. The 
president sets an agenda and has but to say what he want's done and it 
happens. ( A good example is Brick's post about the Tongrass in Alaska)  The 
President's pen is very mighty indeed. He is not just a figure head. The next 
pres. may be able to pick new Supreme Court Justices which will affect us. My 
point is this regime has focused little money to the public lands even though 
they have created more. I am happy about saving the Tongrass up North and 
would be happier to see some money sent up there as well to allow U.S. 
Citizens to enjoy the place. We have more people enjoying our wildlands year 
by year, but give fewer dollars to these places year by year. My personel 
belief is a big government lock-out of the public on all public lands. A view 
supported by many old timers in both the Park Service and the Forest Service. 
Of course , they wouldn't come out and tell you this as their job would be on 
the line. Repubican for the PCT, Monte
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