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[pct-l] Lots of stuff

1. Katt. I'm sure you'll love living in Washington. Yeah the winters kinda 
suck, especially November - enough snow in the Mts. to stop hiking, but not 
enough for skiing (usually} But I'm certain Monte will confirm, when it's 
nice here in the Summer, it's not just nice, it's perfect. There's places to 
hike and backpack out the ying yang. My favorite place in WA. will always be 
the Olympics (100 summits) but all the wildernesses along the PCT are well 
worth visiting. No, nothing much has been privatized here in Wa. I was 
thinking more of Yosemite. Several places have strict quotas but only in 
limited areas. Monte is right , though. The state parks are underfunded but 
that's got nothing to do with he federal gov.
2.Mister Moak - point well taken especially the third part.
3. Okay Okay I confess. I went to Crater Lake, down Tunnel Creek and I road 
walked to Panther Creek Campground(It was in October and I needed to save a 
little time. It used to be the old PCT route anyway) And I ain't gonna send 
back my completion certificate. Besides the trail was washed out for 10 miles 
out of Belden so there was no way to hike the entire trail anyway.
4. Keep the food tips coming - anything but rip and stirs.
5. Politics - I have a short attention span. Lets just count the freakin 
absentee ballots and let the chips fall where they may before EVERYONE cries 
foul. I just hope Nader is right about a Bush presidency getting the 
environmentalists focused.
6. Tom - I value hearing the other side of the coin. Let's face it. EYERYONE 
on this list values Wilderness. We just have varying opinions on how to deal 
with it.
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