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[pct-l] Politics n' Coors Beer

Woah, this list is gettin mighty lively! Nothin like some good political 
rants to get the ol' blood flowin'.  I am sorely tempted to add my $.02 to 
the tumult, but I will refrain...
I actually wanted to share something I discovered this weekend at a party.  
My host, who is from Colorado, had a case of Coors Beer, which is doing some 
kind of promo where they put football players on the beer can labels.  These 
labels, made of a weird vinyl-type substance, are easy to peel off, 
revealing the shiny unmarred aluminium (sp?) beneath.  I was inspired to 
borrow his swiss army knife and turn two of 'em into a shiny generic, 
label-free stove right there (not a very good one, I'm afraid, as I had been 
drinking quite heavily), and it was way cool looking.  The only drawback to 
this is that you have to drink one Coors Beer(yuk)-- the top peice, being 
hidden, can be made out of any type of can.  On that topic, isn't it amazing 
how good any type of beer at all tastes when you're on the trail and it's 
being presented to you as a "trail magic" gift, and how quickly you lose 
your taste for cheap beer once you get back to civilization?  Sorry for the 
long post (actually I'm not sorry).

Staggerin' Willie
Charter Member of T.H.A.T.H.
(Thru-Hikers Against Thru-Hiking)

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