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[pct-l] PCT Bridge: Middle Fork of the Feather River


For those of you who happened to be browsing through your PCT Guide for 
California instead of debating politics, did you notice the picture on page 
377 (Section M)? According to the text, this is "the largest equestrian 
bridge on the entire PCT."

"Just how large is it?", you ask. Well, I wondered too last August when I 
crossed that bridge during my summer section hiking with friends, so I asked 
the PCTA. The PCTA asked the Forest Service and this is the information they 
provided about "THE Bridge."

<< This particular structure is a steel beam arched bridge, 184 ft. long, 
with a wooden deck surface, constructed in the late 1970's.  We replaced the 
deck last month and it should be in good shape for many years to come. The 
bridge is suitable as an equestrian crossing although riders are asked to 
dismount before proceeding across. The middle Fork of the Feather is in a 
wild and scenic area, excluding mechanized equipment use and the bridge 
location is in a very pristine setting.
 Thanks for your interest
 Tim D... - Forest Trails Mgr. >>

Now wasn't this more interesting than rehashing those ballots?

Charlie Jones 
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