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[pct-l] Politics & Potomac

Please, can we lighten up on the politics thing. There seems to be no escape: tv, radio, newspapers, internet, work, friends, aarrrgghhhhhh!!!!!!

We can't change the outcome, so why raise our blood pressures? I'm at work instead of the woods, and that's stressful enough.

Now, on a semi-political & natural note:

I was in Washington DC two weeks ago and I want to recommend visiting the Big Falls park on the Potomac river. Very cool. If you've only ever seen the Potomac in DC, then you would be very surprised with how small it is only a few miles upstream. I never saw the "big falls" but during the rainy season the water volume (not height) is supposed to surpass Niagra. The river does have some great cuts and falls. It's not a wilderness experience, but
there are a couple of nice walks on both banks. You have to stay out of the river because it can change level very quickly - evidently they average 5 drowning a year. You can also take a one-hour historic canal ride with mules pulling the boat and historically clad volunteers narrating. A good break from the capitol.


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