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[pct-l] Re: Repubicans Verse Democrats

What's with all the partisan stuff anyway: Republican Senate, Republican House, so don't blame it all on the President.

Where was Washington's congressional reps during all this, or did the state parks get privatized - it's not clear from your post. I was in Olympic Park in May - beautiful, but plenty of snow still up in the passes. I'm moving to Seattle next year, so I would be interested in knowing how wilderness friendly the state's officials are.

Instead of generalities, let's talk about Gore's record when he was a Senator and Bush's record as governor of Texas. Anyone have any 1st hand info?

I lived in TX for 20 yrs, but recently moved to MI. Friends back home tell me that  Bush was in favor of opening the state parks to hunting. I don't have a problem with hunting, but the nice thing about the state parks being off limits is that the fall and winter are fabulous for hiking/packing in TX. The snakes (4 kinds of poisenous) are sleeping, the moisquitos are dead, and the weather is beautiful (except in the panhandle).



> With Clinton in office,  our Forester Service farmed out all our forester
> service campgrounds here in Washington to private contractors which charge
> 9.00 dollars a night for a primitive campsite with a pit toilet. Also created
> lots of new monuments, but put no money out to fund them. In fact, he and the
> Park Service gutted out the Olympic Park Service by cutting personal down to
> bare bones which closed several campgrounds. Ask any Park Service Manager how
> much their budgets got whacked in the last few years. Main trails in many
> Parks have not been touched in 2 seasons and the ones that have were cut out
> by volunteers like yourselves. Clinton is not the knight in shining armor
> people make him out to be. Our budget surplus is climbing in leaps and bounds
> while our Forest Service and Park  Service Budgets are brutally slashed. As
> far as our military goes, you can thank the old Reagan/Bush era for our
> powerful armed services. These people made our country powerful for a reason.
> Many people live in a dream world that without a strong military, peace is a
> give-me. Don't fool yourselves!!! The reason we are able to go hike 5 months
> worry free is that we have some big dogs on a leash to keep the bad people
> out of our yard. Ask any military personal how grateful they are to have
> Clinton/Gore in the White House. I think they will look at you like with
> undelightful glare. Bush will give more leash to the states as far as their
> trails and parks go. The day of the Tax and Spend Tactics of the Democrats
> may be coming to a close. It didn't help our cause anyway as few of those big
> dollars funneled our way. In Clinton's reign of Terror, we saw users fees
> skyrocket with little of those dollars coming back to the trailhead!!! You
> can thank your Repubican neighbor for the power to control that oil you use
> in  your SUV the next time you drive up to the Sierra's. The World is full of
> Want's and Have's. We have the muscle to enjoy our mountains because of our
> military . You all owe Reagan and Bush a big kiss. ( And all those Nader
> voters who are now protesting the results , get the Darwin award because they
> just gave the election to Bush!!!) Dreadlocks cause brain damage, true
> story!!!

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