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Re: [pct-l] Re: Over Sensitive Hikers

I kept an on-line journal of my AT thruhike.  At first, I was concerned 
about posting about people I was seeing.  Then I realized it was almost all 
trail names (or first names) I was including in my journal.  Also, with the 
delay between my writing my journal and it getting transcribed and posted, 
people were long gone from where my journal would pinpoint them.

As a woman who often hikes alone, I've never been particularly concerned.  I 
live near Boston and I just figure that if anything "bad" is going to happen 
to me, chances are it'll be more likely to happen near the city or in a car 
accident on the way to/from the trail rather than someone tracking me down 
at a trailhead or on the trail.

As for register entries, they are public information but others shouldn't 
profit (or plagiarize) from them.


>From: "Elizabeth A. Foshion" <foshione@dteenergy.com>
>To: pct-l@edina.hack.net
>Subject: [pct-l] Re: Over Sensitive Hikers
>Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2000 10:10:17 -0500
>I can't quote the post, but as a frequent solo hiker, I can understand why 
>a woman thru-hiking solo might not want her whereabouts and progress posted 
>to the Internet.
>Otherwise, once it's in the register, it's public domain.
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