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Re: [pct-l] nambee pambee

If we don't talk some politics we are essentially burying our head
in the sand...err trail dust IMHO!!!

Your vote counts as we have found out  so much in Palm County Forida;
I know I have rcvd very useful info regarding how to vote on this
list..someone said there are 10,000 political lists...well that is a
ad hominem (sp?) argument in that there is only 1 PCT list and
ALL aspects of the trail are "legal" to hike.

After my completion of the PCT way back then I was amazed that
our politicians NEVER hiked even 100 miles to see the beauty of
our wilderness.  I think that should be a mandatory requirement
as it is vital to the world now. Nothing less than our oxygen
comes from that in good part as well as our peace of mind, etc etc.

In addition after seeing so much clear cutting on my many side trips
lately I am disgusted we don't talk more politics and really do something
about it...for example...only 5 people sent me their names for the
horse quota...a LOT more people must care (THIS IS NOT A HORSE
FLAME) that the only fair thing is for horses to be under similar
quota as humans!

After all- I have already had toenail fungus, sock, boot, stove,
tent/tarp, food experience for a lifetime! So now is the time
to motivate ourselves so Bush/another Bush does not get into
the Whitehouse. :-) Our trails **will** be better off. Again,
it is like voting for the Devil or Satan-- who should you vote

 Rich-  350 peaks+, 1973-2000,  JMT- 95, PCT- 90,  AT- 85

At 8:14 AM -0800 11/13/00, katy warner wrote:
>You get my vote!
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>> I  vote  that  we  stick  with  the, toenail
>> fungus, sock,boot,stove, tent,
>> lightweight, food, talk. OK?
>> Can you fight with each other off the list?
>> Marty
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