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[pct-l] Other wonders of tea tree oil

Check the label for 100% tea tree oil - some are mixed with a carrier oil, less
effective and not a good value. Tea tree oil is also antibacterial and antiviral.
It tastes awful, but a dilute mixture can be used as a mouthwash to help heal
cold sores. For those with middle-aged gums, like myself, the toothpaste keeps
gum disease at bay too. (tastes better too)

Thyme oil is an excellent anti-fungal too. The active ingredient is used in a lot
of OTC medications. I find the natural oil works better with less side effects.



> After having one bad Big Toe that has had a toe nail fungus for 20 years, I
> may have it beat. Someone at the ALHA-West gathering adviced using Tea Tree
> Oil applied a few times a day. My old toe nail had just fallen off, then
> started using the oil. After one month, still no toe nail fungus as yet. I
> don't know if this will be a temp. fix, but so far so good. The Tea Tree Oil
> cost about 7.00 for a small bottle that goes a long ways. ( Worth a try and
> doesn't cost hundreds of dollars, plus side effects shouldn't take out your
> liver!!!)

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