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[pct-l] insidiousnous

The reason user fees are so insidious is that they get you used to paying 
extra for recreation. When the Federal Government starts to contract out the 
management of our public lands due to financial prudence (as they have 
already begun), then you'll be used to paying. The corporation will maintain 
the trail alright, but let's face it. They will be there to make money, a 
profit over and above their obligated expenditures and hikers will then be 
subjected to prices controlled by supply and demand. The rich will pay and 
the working class will be left in the dust. The corporations are all waiting 
in the wings to tap a vast money making well. The best defense is to voice 
opposition now and kill it before it grows.
  And why is it that user fee proponents have such a narrow field of vision. 
If I were to say that people with kids in school should pay user fees, that 
would somehow not be valid. Why should I pay for a school that I don't use?
    And why is it that  climbers and hikers who get injured or lost have to 
pay for rescues, but someone who starts a grease fire on their stove or a 
fire in an improperly maintained chimney doesn't have to pay a dime to the 
fire station for its equipment use. Where's the logic there? Shouldn't all 
foolish people be equal under the law?
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