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[pct-l] Privacy issues on the trail

At 02:05 PM 11/11/00 , sly@pocketmail.com wrote:

Wasn't me that wrote that gem, just responding to it!  

Thanks anyway,  Sly

>.......I can't imagine anyone who has completed a thru-hike of the PCT,
>and who
>signed registers along the way, objecting to a fellow PCT hiker's intent to
>place that information on a discreet public forum, for the benefit of other

There was an article in a recent PCTA Communicator (I think...)by a woman
who was appalled that her name and progress was being disseminated to
"strangers" on the internet.

I don't remember the details, but I think she was being mentioned in the
online journals of other hikers and possibly on this list.

She considered this to be a threat to her life and well being since she was
hiking alone.

Privacy issues are a funny thing, and people react differently to them.


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