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[pct-l] Repubicans Verse Democrats

 With Clinton in office,  our Forester Service farmed out all our forester 
service campgrounds here in Washington to private contractors which charge 
9.00 dollars a night for a primitive campsite with a pit toilet. Also created 
lots of new monuments, but put no money out to fund them. In fact, he and the 
Park Service gutted out the Olympic Park Service by cutting personal down to 
bare bones which closed several campgrounds. Ask any Park Service Manager how 
much their budgets got whacked in the last few years. Main trails in many 
Parks have not been touched in 2 seasons and the ones that have were cut out 
by volunteers like yourselves. Clinton is not the knight in shining armor 
people make him out to be. Our budget surplus is climbing in leaps and bounds 
while our Forest Service and Park  Service Budgets are brutally slashed. As 
far as our military goes, you can thank the old Reagan/Bush era for our 
powerful armed services. These people made our country powerful for a reason. 
Many people live in a dream world that without a strong military, peace is a 
give-me. Don't fool yourselves!!! The reason we are able to go hike 5 months 
worry free is that we have some big dogs on a leash to keep the bad people 
out of our yard. Ask any military personal how grateful they are to have 
Clinton/Gore in the White House. I think they will look at you like with 
undelightful glare. Bush will give more leash to the states as far as their 
trails and parks go. The day of the Tax and Spend Tactics of the Democrats 
may be coming to a close. It didn't help our cause anyway as few of those big 
dollars funneled our way. In Clinton's reign of Terror, we saw users fees 
skyrocket with little of those dollars coming back to the trailhead!!! You 
can thank your Repubican neighbor for the power to control that oil you use 
in  your SUV the next time you drive up to the Sierra's. The World is full of 
Want's and Have's. We have the muscle to enjoy our mountains because of our 
military . You all owe Reagan and Bush a big kiss. ( And all those Nader 
voters who are now protesting the results , get the Darwin award because they 
just gave the election to Bush!!!) Dreadlocks cause brain damage, true 
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