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[pct-l] Over Sensitive Hikers

 In these politically correct times,  I have never seen such a bunch of over 
sensitive sissys in my life!!!   I will leave out any small lines of 
politics. Now we can't write how far or where another hiker may be on  a 
trail or how someone is faring on their PCT hike. Next we won't be able to 
tell anyone on the list what kind of stove or pack another hiker is using as 
it may invoke a privacy lawsuit!!!  I don't give a rat's - - - what hikers 
think about who wins Florida.  Now repeat after me," I will never tell of 
anothers location on the trail". I think a trail register is a great tool as 
to see if you are days behind a friend or who has quit the trail. People who 
speak their mind " even though it may not be popular" are definitely short 
timers here in the good old USA.  So please be sure that all things said on 
this list ONLY are about the PCT and DO NOT name the location of any hiker!!! 
Next they will have a lawyer look at each post before it is given the OK. And 
don't step on any toes by posting anything that isn't as main stream ( Or 
liberal) as possible.  USA, land of the Nambee Pambee's
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