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RE: [pct-l] Hiking points

I'm surprised most hikers elect to do the long (150 miles) resupply from Cascade Locks to White Pass when there are two resupply points in between.  The first Is Stabler Country Store, Wind River Rd. (mentioned by  several past hikers, but not on the planning page) just a mile off trail, it has limited supplies, but will accept mail drops. From the store there's a short alternate route directly back to the trail and Panther Creek.  At one point I had the phone number, but I would think if you called information for the store in Stabler, WA they'll have it.  At 34 miles from Cascade Locks, if you take PCT proper you'll save carrying a heavy pack some 4000 feet plus in elevation gain! 

As an alternate, also, in this area some hikers take the old PCT resupply route (mentioned in the guide book) and road walk through the towns of Stevenson and Carson, (which you can resupply in either) 14 miles to Panther Creek Campground and miss 20 miles of generally viewless ups and downs.

Then of course there is Trout Lake which is on the planner page, a 15 mile hitch along a fairly busy road near Mt Adams to a small town that has everything (groceries, lodging, camping, meals, fuel, po) all very close together, about halfway through this section.

Although, I had vehicle support in many areas this past summer, to me hitching to resupply towns is half the experience on a long distance hike and I've been foretunate to meet many wonderful people along the way. Although it takes a bit more time, in my opinion, it certainly beats carrying a heavy pack needlessly.

Thanks Craig for the awesome job you've done on your planner!


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