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[pct-l] Yo Yo

>From: HikerQs@aol.com
>Subject: [pct-l] Yo-yos

>Did any of them PCT yo-yoers ever finish?

There were two folks trying to Yo-Yo the trail this year.  Dave (Walk On) 
got as far back as Yosemite, I think, before going home.  I just got a 
letter from Donna in Agua Dulce saying that Scott Williamson (the other 
Yo-yoer) had not made it there yet, that she hadn't heard anything from him, 
and that he was way behind schedule.  I have heard a rumor that he bailed 
out of the Sierra and headed back East, giving up on the yo-yo attempt.  If 
anyone knows for sure where he is, I for one would like to know.

Staggerin' Willie
Charter Member of T.H.A.T.H.
(Thru-Hikers Against Thru-Hiking)

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