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[pct-l] yak butter, Was: Getting enough calories

At 07:49 AM 11/8/00 , Mara Factor wrote:
>   Given that I don't like tea, I did not enjoy the beverage but I didn't 
> find it particularly more vile than just plain tea.

Not to be culturally biased, but I found yak butter to be one of the most 
revolting substances I have ever been offered to consume. A few types of 
French goat cheese rank right up there too. I found the fried scorpions I 
was offered in China much easier to eat.

>I've never heard of the yak butter called ghee before (though I don't know 
>the Tibetan name).  Ghee, to me, has always been the yummy clarified 
>butter mostly used in Indian (likely related?) cooking.

I have seen ghee made from yak butter, so the two are not mutually exclusive.

>   As a matter of fact, I think clarifies butter is even be more resistant 
> to rancidity than butter.

Butter itself is fairly tolerant of being in warm environments. After all, 
stuff like yoghurt, butter and cheese are all methods of preserving milk 
without refrigeration. When I lived in New Zealand, no one refrigerated 
butter, and I can't remember any of it ever going off.


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